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Golf Channel Academy Staff

Justin Bruton

Golf Channel Academy Instructor

Justin is the Lead Instructor for the Golf Channel Academy at the Biltmore Hotel and has been a full time instructor since 2003. Since that time he has attended numerous seminars and obtained many certifications to maintain the highest performance and most current knowledge in the golf industry. Over the years, he has purchased an 8 Sensor 3D motion capture system, Trackman 4 launch monitor and a Swing Catalyst balance plate all in effort to measure and truly understand each player’s specific strengths and weaknesses. But even with all this technology at his disposal, he still considers an on-course evaluation as the most important starting point.

An expert in how the swing and body are connected, Justin has earned multiple certifications with TPI (Titleist Performance Institute). He also has teaching certifications with TrackMan and Bentley Kinetics. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Justin played his collegiate golf at Southern Nazarene University in Oklahoma City and also played professionally for two years. Justin’s special interests include 3D motion capture technology, TrackMan, advanced clubfitting, on-course coaching, practice routine construction and fitness/nutrition.

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