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Body Treatments

Indulge in the aromas. Rejuvenate the skin.
  • Body Treatments at The Biltmore Spa

Journey to Guavonia

Allow us to take you on a sensorial journey with this special ode to our founding father’s rich land upon which the Biltmore Hotel sits today. In the early 1900s, George Merrick settled this land and appropriately named it Guavonia for the farm’s guava fruit. An excellent source of antioxidant vitamin C, the guava is a powerful anti-aging fruit which boosts collagen production while nourishing and hydrating the skin. Combat the visible effects of skin aging and restore the appearance of a younger, more toned body with the decadent scent and effects of guava. This treatment begins with a raw cane sugar scrub followed by a luxurious milk bath soak. A relaxing massage transports you to another time and leaves your skin shimmering with a healthy glow.
90 minutes

Royal Coconut Milk and Honey Scrub

Honey sourced from the pristine rainforests of Fiji nourishes and firms the skin. Begin with a full-body exfoliation, stimulating circulation and renewing skin. Next, a honey body masque, high in vitamin B to strengthen connective tissue and revive skin cells, will reduce the appearance of cellulite. A warm oil scalp massage and application of exotic nut oils restores hydration, leaving skin refreshed and glowing.
50 minutes


As exquisite as it is holistic this bespoke treatment – tailored to the needs of each individual – works on the muscles, lymph and nervous system as a whole. Based around seven blends of chakra-balancing essential oils, each unique ritual involves deep relaxation of the nervous system, lymphatic drainage, subtle healing of the chakras and pouring of warm oil over the third eye to restore and relax every sense.
90 minutes


Join us on an authentic, enchanting journey for the mind and body, as we unleash the ancient healing secrets of Morocco. Choose your path of invigorating Fleur d’ Oranger or decadent Fleur de Rose to be guide you through a ritual-based body treatment that begins with a warm hydrating mask for the scalp and hair. An argan oil based body exfoliation to increase circulation and encourage smooth and supple skin is followed by an indulgent body massage with creamy shea butter. The longer session includes includes full body massage.
70 minutes | 90 minutes


Thalassotherapy, from the Greek words “thalasso” (sea water) and “therapeia” (to heal), has been used for preserving and restoring health since the time of the ancient Romans, Egyptians and Greeks. In fact, Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine, was the first to detail the curative benefits of using sea water for ailments such as aching muscles, joint pain, rheumatism and arthritis.

Seaweed, known to contain 100,000 times as much mineral and vitamin content as seawater itself, can only be harvested by hand and needs to be selected by sight. When seaweed is steamed it produces amazing luxurious oils filled with proteins, minerals and vitamins that the body readily absorbs. The detoxifying effects of the seaweed and recuperative effects of its high mineral content are an amazing conditioning agent for the skin and hair and provide an excellent treatment for cellulite.

Experience the magical healing and relaxing effects of seaweed with one of our special seaweed services. Discover the anti-aging secret that many have known for thousands of years.

Organic Seaweed Leaf Soak

Immerse in the natural power of pure, organic seaweed hand-harvested from the unspoilt Atlantic Coast of Ireland. Believed to be an ancient sailor’s cure, and dating back 300 years, this detoxifying treatment will relax the muscles, ease aches and pains and support skin regeneration. Filled with countless minerals and vitamins in high concentrations, nature’s most powerful antioxidant will leave your skin, hair and body remineralized and deeply moisturized.
30 minutes

Voyage of the Sea

A complete top-to-toe restorative journey for the mind and body using nature’s most powerful antioxidant from the sea. This amazing journey begins with a full-body detoxifying salt-oil exfoliation to stimulate blood and lymph flow while removing dullness and firming skin tone. Next, you will be immersed in pure, hand-harvested organic seaweed to relax the muscles, ease aches and pains and support skin regeneration. A full-body tangleweed wrap follows, providing extraordinarily high levels of vitamin and mineral compounds known to combat the signs of aging. Relax with a scalp massage and finish the ultimate luxury experience from the sea with a nurturing hydration application to replenish the body and nourish the skin.
90 minutes

Organic Seaweed Leaf Cocoon

This crème de la crème body wrap uses fresh leaves of Atlantic seaweed to deeply detoxify, moisturize and revive the body. We begin with a fullbody brushing before cocooning the body in tangleweed, filled with high levels of antioxidant and mineral compounds known to fight cellulite and the signs of aging. While your skin absorbs the rich nutrients, you will be treated to a relaxing scalp massage. For guaranteed suppleness and elasticity in your skin, this indulgent body treatment finishes with a final smoothing application.
50 minutes

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