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Miami Cultural Heritage Tours

Experiential Travel Program: Cultural Heritage Offerings (four Options)- highlighting the intriguing cultural history and heritage of Miami.
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The Cuban Heritage Tour

The Cuban Heritage Tour with Lunch Departure at 9am– Return to the Hotel by 2pm

The Castro revolution in Cuba in 1959 changed Miami forever. Wave after wave of Cuban refugees transformed Miami into the Capital of the Americas: a fast-paced, internationally-connected, commercial and entertainment hub with a racy Latin image. From the food to the accents on the street to the fashion scene and artist’s studio, Miami pulses to the beat of an original blended culture.

Come with us on a journey through the story of Miami’s Cuban community. Experience the passion and vision that these motivated exiles brought to their new home. We visit a well loved marketplace, great Cuban food spots, moving monuments, lively street scenes and a place of spiritual reflection and longing. We’ll take in the smells, sights, sounds and colors of a street that launched the dramatic transformation of Miami over five decades ago. Prepare yourself for a day of discovery and fun.

Cuban Heritage Tour with Lunch Pricing
Group of 2 $469/person
Group of 3 $349/person
Group of 4 $289/person
Group of 5 $245/person
Group of 6 $218/person

Cuban Heritage Tour with Lunch Pricing

The Haiti-in-Exile Tour

The Haiti-in-Exile Tour Departure at 1pm– Return to the Hotel by 4pm

Making our way through Little Haiti, our imaginations will be captured by the colorful and distinctive, hand-painted signs splashed across storefronts, touting the merchandise within.

As your senses absorb the aroma of Creole cooking, and the rhythm of Haitian music, expect to be charmed by the tone of the Creole dialect which warmly greets residents and visitors alike.

You’ll listen to a recounting of Haiti’s often tumultuous history through the centuries and learn how and why its diaspora built this industrious community on a distant shore. We make a short stop at a community gallery which embraces much of the flavor of the world-famous Haitian primitive art, rich with the colors of the Caribbean. Then we are off to a legendary bookstore and cultural center which has helped anchor the central Little Haiti downtown district over the years. For our final exploration, we will delve into the mysterious world of Voodoo for a better understanding of age old beliefs in spirits and saints as we visit a local “botanica”.

Haiti-in-Exile Tour Pricing
Group of 2 $363/person
Group of 3 $245/person
Group of 4 $196/person
Group of 5 $159/person
Group of 6 $141/person

Haiti-in-Exile Tour Pricing

The Miccosukee Indian Heritage Airboat Tour

The Miccosukee Indian Heritage Airboat Tour with a Visit to the Clyde Butcher Gallery and Dinner Departure at 1pm- Return to Hotel by 7:15pm (also an option for the Heritage program)

Only accessible by airboat, we’ll travel miles into the Everglades to experience two historic Miccosukee island camps. We’ll walk the islands that they once called home to hear how Miccosukee families for generations learned to live in harmony with what many considered an unlivable landscape.

The Miccosukee Indian Heritage Airboat Tour

We will of course seek out the family of wild gators that live near the big camp. If they care to show themselves, our guide will demonstrate his ability to “speak gator.” To the frequent amazement of visitors, the gators often respond.

A Visit to the Clyde Butcher Gallery
We’ll then enjoy a tour through the black and white gallery of world-renowned photographer Clyde Butcher. Known for his stunning images of natural beauty, his special fondness for South Florida is apparent and must be seen to be appreciated.

Dinner at the Pit Bar BQ
Our last stop will be a unique location in the Everglades serving good old-fashioned BBQ with a little Latin Flavor and of course their Famous Smoked GatorRibs.

Miccosukee Indian Heritage Tour Pricing
Group of 2 $610/person
Group of 3 $409/person
Group of 4 $349/person
Group of 5 $279/person
Group of 6 $259/person

Coral Gables – Walking My Neighborhood

Coral Gables – Walking My Neighborhood with Lunch" Departure at 10am, Return by 12

Join us on a guided walk through the historic streets of Coral Gables.

Strolling past distinctive homes, churches, plazas and parks, you will get a sense of the joy of living in the “City Beautiful.” You will peer into the windows of the oldest house in Coral Gables and learn why it is built around a shack. You will see the honeymoon cottage of the city's founder and find out why it was built with no kitchen. And, thanks to your guide, you'll learn about some of the little-known yet fascinating aspects of life in the Gables only a local would know.

Your promenade through the shady streets of the Gables will include numerous photo opportunities and a refreshment break at a spot known to the locals as “Burger Bob's.” Ending your walk back at The Biltmore, the richness of the experience will have made our neighborhood your neighborhood, too.

Coral Gables Walking Tour Pricing
Group of 2 $149/person
Group of 3 $104/person
Group of 4 $79/person
Group of 5 $69/person
Group of 6 $58/person


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