Biltmore Storytellers

Join our iconic team members in being part of something special by developing your leadership skills using our storyteller programs.

Storyteller Program

The Biltmore is committed to developing its Storytellers and Storyleaders to become the best version of themselves. The Storyteller Program onboarding  is comprised of a full year of development activities. The initial orientation phase is called “Passion” where each employee is introduced to the Biltmore’s enduring legacy, the four pillars of the Biltmore Legend and the Storyteller Credo, the Leading Hotels of the World luxury service standards, a two-day historical tour, an in depth look at emotional intelligence, and an intrinsic look at one’s own unique talents that represent their deepest passions in life. From there each new hire will spend the next 90-Days learning their craft with their Storyleaders and Team Lead department trainers using a comprehensive training manual with a system of checks and balances to help them succeed on their journey. Once graduated, each Storyteller comes back for a 1-day re-orientation program called “Passion Plus”, a “celebretorientation” program aimed at developing service standards, improving emotional intelligence, and topping the day off with a deluxe team building activity in the ultra-modern Biltmore Culinary Academy. From there each Storyteller will go through consistent service training with programs such as “Exploring Service” and finish the year with the “Iconic” program, a career coaching program designed to fight employee complacency and reinvigorate Storytellers who have been with the company over a year.

Storyleader Program

The Storyleader program is a detail-oriented leadership program designed to develop passionate Storytellers into management positions and teach them how to become effective leaders. The “Fearless” program is the initial orientation phase for managers and consists of 6 themes each leader will need to build to become effective at Storyleading, guiding Storytellers in the creation of unique and memorable guest experiences. “Fearless” takes place once a quarter during Leadership Week, a week fully committed to ongoing development. Guest speakers are brought in each quarter to motivate our leaders along with a team-building activity outside the hotel, and 9 themed small group sessions to listen to the challenges each leader faces and provide the support to “fearlessly” overcome them.

Storyteller Café

The Biltmore is all about Storytelling, which is why every Friday our Storytellers are invited to share their “Storified Experiences” with our guest every Friday at Storyteller Café! It’s a fun coffee-shop environment where your favorite latte only costs you a story. Each story is written down and shared with the entire hotel to help create awareness of our success. In this environment best practices are observed, shared, and challenged becoming a perfect location for “informal learning”.

Benefits & Storyteller Recognition Programs

Storytellers are provided benefits and recognition programs utilized to recognize their achievements and reward them for their contributions. These include:

As a Biltmore Storyteller, you will be joining this iconic team in creating memorable experiences for our guests and members alike. Your talent and dedication in delivering luxury service inscribes itself in the history of our National Historic Landmark and the legends that dreamt it to life in 1926.

Career Development Opportunities
Medical, Dental, & Vision Insurance
Paid Holidays and Vacation
Health & Wellness Programs
Storyteller Discounts
Complimentary parking and shift meal
401(k) Plans
Fitness Center Membership
Incentive Programs

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