Meet Chef Bepe Galazzi

Get to know one of The Miami Biltmore's esteemed chefs, Beppe Galazzi, who was born in Italy and cooked for Pope Giovanni.

Chef Giuseppe Galazzi

Chef De Cuisine, Fontana
Born in Ferrara, Italy, Chef Giuseppe “Beppe” Galazzi developed his culinary passion from his grandfather, a chef, and began his pursuit of the culinary arts at the early age of 14. Heavily influenced by his teachers at the Culinary Institute in Ferrara, Galazzi’s curiosity about food grew into the skill with which he now executes every dish.

Chef Galazzi attributes his unique style to his love for traveling, absorbing recipes from various cultures and transforming them into his own creations using local and organic ingredients. When asked what he contributes to Fontana’s well-rounded menu, Galazzi replied, “I like to offer what people cannot often find in restaurants, and that they won’t cook at home.”

Interview With Giuseppe Galazzi

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Answer: Ferrara, Italy. I lived there until I was 18.

Answer: My grandfather was a chef, and he taught me a lot as a child. Since it has always been a passion of mine, I started culinary school at the age of 14.

Answer: I worked in the kitchen for a nonprofit business while I was at university. I worked there during the summer to help pay for my university classes.

Answer: When I was in culinary school between the ages of 14 and 18, I had a remarkable teacher who was also an artist. He was a little crazy and fun, and he taught me that culinary arts can be just that—art.

Answer: When I was working on my thesis in Venezuela, I had capybara—a form of game meat. The animal is something halfway between a hog and a rat. It was pretty good!

Answer: Yes, I cooked for Pope Giovanni Paul II.

Answer: I always cook for my wife and my baby. I like to keep organic ingredients to feed my baby. My wife and I grow vegetables in our backyard too.

Answer: Not any that I can remember.

Answer: I love Italian red wines. My favorite to unwind with would be Sangiovese.

Answer: I’m not a dessert lover, I prefer salty.