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Home » GOLF » SwingFit Club Fittings

SwingFit At The Biltmore

SwingFit provides professional club fitting services and repair options for Biltmore Golf Members and Hotel Guests.

SwingFit at the Biltmore Hotel & Resort

Take your game to the next level with the award-winning pros at SwingFit.

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SwingFit’s top priority is fitting and building clubs that help golfers of all skill levels to maximize their potential. We have over 25,000 potential combinations from all the major manufacturers so you get to test and feel the exact setup you will put into play.

Every club fitting starts with an interview to establish your objectives followed by an audit of your entire bag golf club set makeup. We do this to ensure we’re identifying the proper issues and what equipment is and, what is not, helping your game. Depending on what fitting you’ve selected, a performance baseline is established with your current equipment.

A well-fitted club translates not only into an increase in the distance of a shot but also lends to more consistent play which in turn typically correlates with better scores.


Discovering the Gears AI Club Fitting Technology

SwingFit is happy to announce the world’s first AI-powered golf club fittings using Gears technology and it’s proprietary machine-learning software.



Experience Gears Golf

The SwingFit System

View SwingFit’s Frequently Asked Questions on Club Fittings

What are the club fitting costs?

Answer: SwingFit utilizes better performing and more consistent aftermarket shafts in our fitting carts, many are the same ones played on professional tours. To that end, our finished clubs will likely end up costing more than standard stock clubs. You will pay the standard club prices available, plus a cost for the custom shaft that includes our installation. Wood shafts typically range from $150-$400, while iron shafts range from $65-$80 per club. We believe it’s better to pay a little more upfront for clubs guaranteed to work, than spend more money buying multiple clubs that don’t really help.

How do I Prepare for my club fitting?

Answer: Please arrive a few minutes early for your fitting to make sure you have some time to relax and stretch a bit. If possible, bring the existing clubs that you wish to get fit with as well as shoes, clothes, and a golf glove. We’ll be hitting quite a few balls, so we do not recommend playing or working out before your fitting.

What is the equipment assessment and interview process like?

Answer: We will perform an equipment audit and interview to gather specs and learn the challenges you may be having with your existing swing/club combination. We will also discuss exactly what your goals for play are and what you hope to gain out of a new set of cubs. Not quite sure what your goals are? Not to worry – our team of pros will help you define a new set of goals and desired expectations.

How do I determine my performance baseline?

Answer: After a warmup, you will hit several shots with your existing clubs to establish a performance baseline. This will even take into account the brand/type of balls we use as well as that day’s weather, wind, and air pressure. Together, we will compare the different fitting options against this baseline to make sure our recommendations will provide you with better performance.

What is the fitting process like?

Answer: Following our proprietary fitting process, we will test multiple head and shaft combinations from our extensive fitting matrix to find the best balance of distance, consistency, and control. One very distinct part of our fitting process that sets us apart is that our first priority is not to optimize the ball flight and distance on your occasional best shots. Instead, we focus on increasing the number of good and great shots that you do have for better consistency. This focus translates to a better scorecard rather than simply an improved range session that may or may not translate to the course each time you play.

How are club selections made?

Answer: The selection process includes an open discussion about our findings, recommendations, performance expectations, and costs.

How are my clubs built?

Answer: Our master club builders assemble every club we fit. This allows us to ensure that every part of your clubs meets our standards before we begin the build process, as well as maintain exceptional quality standards throughout the build process. The clubs are built to the exact specifications generated from the custom fitting technology with incredibly tight tolerances that provide consistent results club to club.

How are the clubs delivered?

Answer: We maintain a vast inventory of club heads and shafts in stock to expedite turnaround. However, should we have to order components, they are almost always received in our warehouse within one to two weeks. Once the clubs are complete, shipment to the customers’ home is fast and reliable. Customers can count on status updates, tracking numbers and exceptional customer service at every step of the way.

SwingFit Girl getting golf cub fitted

SwingFit Club Fittings

Book your club fitting with SwingFit the world’s first AI-powered clubfitting technology. Open Tuesday to Saturday 9a.m. to 5p.m. with Sunday, Monday and Holidays by appointment only.
Call: 305-569-2833