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Health and Safety Guidelines

View The Biltmore’s protocols for ensuring guest, visitor, and employee safety.

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Guest Arrival

For the time being, guests who arrive in their own cars will self-park in the hotel’s west lot located adjacent to the hotel complex.


Valet is not permitted at this time.


Bellman personnel will assist guests with their luggage if requested, and carts/bags will be wiped down and sanitized in-between each use.

Check-In & Check- Out

Guest entry will be staggered by group/individuals to avoid gatherings (including employees). A maximum of two (2) persons spaced 6-feet apart are permitted to approach the front desk for assistance.

At the Front Desk, an acrylic barrier has been setup between the guest and employee stations, and furniture in the common areas has been shifted to accommodate social-distancing guidelines.

For methods of payment, guests are strongly encouraged to insert their own credit card into the chip reader for approvals; where the payment hardware is sanitized after each use.

Guest Elevators

An employee will be present to sanitize the elevator button panels at regular intervals or at least once per hour. Each elevator landing has sanitizer dispensers for guest use. Elevator occupancy is limited to promote social distancing and includes markings on the elevator floors identifying proper occupants’ position.


Staff and guests must wear a mask or cloth face-covering that covers the nose and the mouth while in all common areas of the property. Such face-coverings are required in addition to social-distancing and proper hand hygiene protocols.

Hand Sanitizer

Signage is posted around the property to remind people to wash their hands with soap and water and/or to use hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer dispensers (with at least 60% alcohol content) have been placed at key guest and employee entrances, as well as other public areas throughout the hotel.



Fitness Center

When arriving to the hotel guests are encouraged to reserve their requested fitness offerings given space is limited (either by calling 305- 913-3102 or visiting the lower lobby fitness desk). This includes all areas of the fitness center: cardio, strength training, and classes. Workouts within cardio and strength are limited to 50-minutes and will begin every hour on the hour (all areas are cleaned/disinfected in-between each guest use). Fitness equipment is not permitted at this time, including such items as mats & stability balls. Also, again per the new guidelines, showers/steam/sauna/locker rooms’ usage is not permitted at this time. Face masks/coverings are required to be properly worn at all times while visiting the fitness facility. The usage of water fountains and water dispensers are not permitted at this time.

Golf Course

Face masks or coverings must be worn in and around the clubhouse and restaurant areas, specifically inside the golf shop, inside the 19th-Hole restaurant, on the practice facilities, and on the 1st-tee area, or the cart area. All high touch point areas, including the golf carts themselves, are disinfected after each use. Additionally, apart from social-distancing only one person per golf cart is allowed until further notice.

Jim McLean Golf School

Due to the risks of COVID-19 and in order to keep the students and instructors safe, players must have a face mask/covering to take lessons; as well as adhere to the following guidelines:

Lesson Booking

Lessons can be booked online at http://clients.uschedule.com/JimMcleanBiltmore/booking, or, through the instructors directly (contact information is located online at https://www.jimmclean.com/florida-golf- schools-biltmore-miami), where lesson are booked with a 30 minute buffer to allow for disinfecting.

For Arrivals

Either walk to the back of the range and meet your instructor at the lesson area, or coordinate in advance a pick-up in the parking lot by your instructor. (transporters are available for pick up and drop off, but if your instructor picks you up with a transporter you must sit in the back row and handle your own clubs).

In the Lesson

No physical contact between instructor and student at any time; Instructors and students must wear face mask/coverings during the lesson; Students must have their own clubs (no rental sets); Instructors are the only ones to touch the golf balls; Teachers will not touch students clubs, golf bags or individuals; and, Teachers and students must stay at least 6-feet apart at all times. Also, lessons will take place either under the awning, on the back range tee, the public range tee, or on the golf course; Lesson spots will be spaced minimum of 4-paces apart (12-feet); Use of indoor teaching bays and video rooms are not allowed; Use of the awning is limited to 3 lessons at a time, spread out 1 lesson per section; and, No water bottles and coolers are allowed on the range.

After the Lesson

Payments are to be made online with no physical contact; the same guidelines for arrival apply for transportation back to the parking lot; and, Teachers will disinfect all items that may have been touched by students during their lesson.


Spa & Salon Services

Currently offering all spa services. Guests are instructed at time of booking about health and safety guidelines. Temperatures for each guest are taken upon arrival and masks must be worn upon entering the spa. Masks are required during nail, hair, and brow services. Guests should arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time. Locker rooms, steam and sauna are currently not available.

Business Center

Is open and sanitized every two (2) hours, and guests can request (prior to use) for disinfectant cleaning of the work station they intend to utilize.

Guest Shipping & Receiving

The Centers for Disease Control and the Surgeon General have confirmed that there is no evidence to suggest COVID-19 is being spread through the mail.

  • Receiving Department Hours of Operations & Contact Information:
    • Telephone: 305-445-8066 Ext. 2429 | E-mail: [email protected]
    • Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:00pm.
  • Employees are provided with sanitizer and
  • Co-signees are no longer needed to sign for parcel packages.
  • Drivers must observe social distancing


Hotel Pool

Only registered guests and Biltmore members are permitted to enter the pool, and the water bathing capacity will be limited to 50% capacity.

Towels will be placed on each lounge chair for the expected number of guests, and if a guest requests such then hotel staff will place a towel next to them. Bins are centrally located around the pool for used towel discarding (staff with appropriate PPE are assigned to retrieve the used towels for cleaning). Chairs/lounge chairs have been removed on the pool deck to achieve appropriate spacing between guests.

Hand railings around or going into the pool are sanitized with disinfectant wipes at least every 2-hours. Bathroom procedures stipulate a maximum of 1-person at any time.

Cabana use is only permitted for a single guest, or if multiple people then only by family usage – the same disinfectant cleaning procedures are undertaken therein every few hours.

Additional staff frequently patrols the pool areas to ensure compliance by guests on all of the above procedures and policies.


Restaurants & Bars

Dining tables have hand-sanitizer/wipes at each table. Points of ingress/egress are labeled and denoted for guests. Path of service is marked with arrows to indicate flow-through. Biltmore markers are also placed to indicate proper spacing while moving around the property. And other Biltmore markers are also in place according to social-distancing guidelines for all waiting areas.

All bars remain closed for the time being.

There is a limit on party sizes at tables to no more than the established “maximums approved” as approved by local and state government. A per table party limit of 4-people is maintained when seating is indoors or outdoors, however, if parties are from the same household then tables may seat up to 6-persons. Tables are arranged such that distance from the back of one chair to the back of another chair is 6-feet apart.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea Service will be available Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Service will be provided a-la-carte, and all private events will be set at forty (40) people or less. Tables will be spaced six (6) feet apart and have hand-sanitizer/wipes at each table. And points of ingress/egress are labeled and denoted for guests, clearly marked with arrows to indicate flow-through.

In-Room Dining / Sunday Brunch / Palme d’Or Restaurant

All are currently not available.

Culinary Academy

Culinary Academy Temperature Policy

Upon arrival to the Culinary Academy instructors will take the student’s temperature. If a temperature is higher than 99.5 then the student will not be able to attend the session.

Culinary Academy Face-Covering Policy

When entering and exiting the Culinary Academy students must wear masks. Instructors and Chefs will wear face coverings when conducting all classes and group activities.

Students will wear face coverings during all class sessions. Instructors will setup student work stations that are spaced at least six (6) feet apart.

When working in groups to complete camp activities students will be spaced apart at least three (3) feet. Hand sanitizer and wipes will placed at each work station

Gloves will be provided for activities that require food preparation and disposal.

The Culinary Academy is fully equipped with hand wash sinks and receptacles for disposal of all PPE equipment.

If students are escorted to another part of the building for special activities and tours face masks will be worn.

When students are having lunch, snacks, or sampling their culinary creations masks do not need to be worn.

What is the Culinary Academy’s disinfecting policy?

Tables and chairs will be cleaned and disinfected in between each activity/ camp lesson or every sixty

(60) minutes.

All counters, work stations, activity areas, doors, doorknobs, cabinets, drawers, and refrigerators will be cleaned and disinfected in between activities or every thirty (30) minutes.

Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes along with hand wash sinks are located in various areas of the Culinary Academy. Additionally touchless trash bins for disposal of used kitchen towels/PPE will be located with the academy as well.

What is the Culinary Academy’s social distancing policy?

All work stations will spaced according to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines of six (6) feet apart.


Banquet set-up arrangements have been arranged to allow for physical distancing between guests in all meetings and events based on CDC and city, county and state requirements. Self-serve buffet- style food service are suspended and replaced by alternative service styles. Specifically, all food items are individually packaged or plated. Coffee service is offered tableside or attended by a server. Individual packets of sugar, honey and creamer is offered upon request. Individual water bottles are offered upon request in lieu of the water stations with dispensers and pitchers of water at tables. Rolled silverware is setup at each place setting upon guest arrival. Pens and pads are available for meetings at each place setting upon request and are disinfected prior to their next use. And individual bottled water will be provided in lieu of pitchers of water on meeting tables and all water stations with dispensers. Physical distanced floor plans can be provided upon request to the hotel.

Catering & Banquet Menus

Customized plated and boxed lunch menus have been created. Menus are available upon request from the hotel’s sales & catering team.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Protocol

All equipment and meeting amenities, along with the room itself, are disinfected before and after each use. All linen, including underlays, are replaced after each use.

Physical Distancing Protocol

All food and beverage items are individually plated and served. Each patron receives one individually wrapped sanitizing wipe when food is served. Coffee and other break items are attended and served by a server. Flatware is provided as a roll up or grab-and-go offering. Condiments are served in individual sealed containers. Seating capacity and floor plans can be reviewed on an event by event basis to ensure the required physical distancing rules are followed.

Site Inspections

Site inspections are conducted virtually or physically on property. During the physical site inspection, all guests must wear a face mask/covering and maintain physical distance of at least 6-feet from each other. No groups larger than 5-people are permitted.

Event Tasting

Event tastings take place in a private area of the hotel.

Photoshoots & Production

During photoshoots & production, production team and model(s) must wear a face mask/covering and maintain physical distance of at least 6-feet from each other; including the model unless s/he is taking a picture. No groups larger than 8-people, including the model, are permitted.


Supervision and Health Concerns

A ‘monitoring/response’ team that includes members of each relevant hotel department convenes and evaluates the health status of hotel staff each morning. This team reports: (i) any unusual rise in worker absenteeism, especially those related to respiratory infections, (ii) the number of staff that have tested positive for the virus, and following an established protocol for managing the consequences resulting from each positive individual, (iii) lessons learned each day and corrective actions and policies subsequently implemented, and (iv), observations of any guests that are exhibiting signs of COVID-19.

The team will further maintain: (i) contact information on staff, including emergency telephone numbers (including cell phone numbers) and e-mail addresses, and (ii), a logbook of actions, measures, and improvements implemented. Additionally, an individual will be assigned each shift to monitor and supervise the equipment, procedures, and management of the health and safety measures of the guests.

Hygiene Kit

Both the front-desk and security maintain a medical kit that includes germicidal disinfectant/wipes for surface cleaning, tissues, face/eye masks (separate or combined, face shield, goggles), gloves, protective apron, and a biohazard disposable waste bag.

Outside Vendors

Vendors must report to the hotel security office via the loading dock upon arrival to check-in and have their temperatures verified, then such vendors report to security prior to leaving the property as well.


All governmental guidelines on cleaning and disinfecting public spaces including, but not limited to, the front desk check-in counters, elevator & elevator buttons, door handles, public bathrooms, room keys & locks, escalators and stair handrails, gym equipment, dining surfaces, and seating areas, are adhered to.


Industry leading cleaning and disinfecting protocols that meet EPA approved standards for SARS-CoV2 are undertaken to clean guest rooms. Rooms are serviced daily unless requested otherwise, however, rooms must be vacant while the room is being serviced by the housekeeping team. Rooms also have a 48-hour ‘waiting period’ in-between guest stays prior to servicing the room and preparing it for an incoming guest.

Laundry & Other

All bed linen and laundry is washed at high temperatures in accordance with applicable CDC guidelines. Increased fresh air flow has been undertaken wherever possible to dilute possible containments. Also, all trash bins have had their lids removed to enable opening without the need to touch such bins.



All hotel employees have attended a comprehensive program of training on COVID-19, based on compliance with published guidelines by CDC, WHO, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Florida Department of Health. Training includes procedures relating to disinfection, safety training, social-distancing, how to properly use and dispose of PPE materials. Hotel staff have also been provided telephone numbers of health authorities, medical centers, and hospitals within proximity to the hotel and their respective residences.

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