Biltmore Hotel Video Conferences

Meeting rooms at the Miami Biltmore Hotel are supported by wired and wireless high-speed internet with up to 60MB of bandwidth available and video conference capability.

Equipment Available

Data Projectors · Wireless Microphones · Microphone Mixers · Podium with microphone · Powered Speakers

Data projectors

Wireless microphones

These are used for presenters who will be presenting to an audience in larger lecture all or event space. Typically, powered speakers and a microphone mixer are needed as well.

Powered Speakers

Powered speakers are used in conjunction with microphones and microphone mixers to provide audio for a large audience in a lecture hall or event space.

Microphone Mixers

Microphone mixers, or mixers, are used when multiple microphones and/or audio devices are connected to powered speakers.


(includes a built-in microphone) All classrooms already have a metal table-top lectern. Podiums can be requested for larger lecture halls or special events in an event space.