Meet Our Designers

We are forever grateful to our designers, whose modern vision perfectly compliments the history of The Biltmore Hotel.

The New Room And Corridors Design TeamFrom left-to-right, Donna Stasiak with S5D+A, Dee Malone of D’Shakil Designs, Inc., and Noel J. Torres with S5D+A

D’Shakil Designs, INC. & Studio Five + Associates

“We are honored to have partnered with The Biltmore Hotel to bring a new era to the guestrooms and suites of this elegant and truly historic property,” said Dee Malone, Principal, D’Shakil Designs. “We sought to integrate the current, yet elegant feel our team brought to the main lobby while honoring the legendary architectural details George Merrick envisioned for this grand resort in relation to the Coral Gables community as a whole.”

Brian Silva World Famous Golf Course DeveloperBrian Silva has been designing new golf courses and reconfiguring existing ones for more than 25 years.

Brian Silva World Famous Golf Course Architect

Silva’s genius is that he thinks of each hole as a separate entity, rather than trying to force-fit a seamless feel over an entire course. This is why there is no such thing as a “typical” Brian Silva course design. He has no template, no “cookie-cutter” design rules to follow, except for maybe one: there are always several ways to play a hole on a Brian Silva course. It is up to the player to decide which strategy to take. This type of design strategy inspires players to try new approaches. The result is a more enjoyable game for everyone, regardless of skill level.